Our Mission

by Groves8591

Mission Statement

The Jerome Interfaith Association (JIA) is composed of representatives from local area churches who come together to:

  • Provide for the centralized processing of requests for food, emergency shelter, gas and other aid
  • Be of mutual support to one another, and
  • Provide a forum for communications between the churches to discuss and address issues of common concern.
by Groves8591

Vision Statement

The Jerome Interfaith Association will be an increasingly cohesive group in which its members establish relationship based on a common ministry and mutual respect. It will continue to provide services with compassion and respect to the poor and needy consistent with its values and guidelines. Its membership will be broadened and all churches in Jerome will know of the group’s existence and be invited to participate. Leadership for the group will rotate among its members.

Our Membership

Any faith group in Jerome may be a member of the Interfaith Association. In order to participate in accessing funds and other resources or to make decisions that affect the JIA, that faith group must actively participate in the JIA’s meetings and processes and agree to be guided by the JIA’s mission, vision and values. Participants are either the leader of the church or his or her designee.